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Filipinas are not the docile and submissive women so often depicted in the stereotypical “Mail Order Bride” misconception that is as insulting to you as it is to her. However, they are looking for a man who acts like a man and treats them like a lady. This “old fashioned” approach to roles in relationships is built on mutual respect. Many men prefer this more traditional relationship to the so called egalitarian model demanded by more “liberated” western women.

Filipinas are more tolerant and even blind when it comes to a man being older, overweight and less than perfect. They look beyond that but they demand more in leadership from their man as the head of the family.

For those of you who have been through the trauma of divorce and suffered at the hands of our family courts, relax! Yes there are scammers out there. This book will help you detect them and avoid them, at the very least minimize the damage they may cause you. Remember, the vast majority of Filipinas are genuine, loving and marry FOR LIFE!

Filipinas are more traditional than many western women when it comes to marriage. They are marrying for life as divorce does not exist in the Philippines except as the long and expensive process known as annulment. Fil-Am marriages, or Fil-Foreigner, have a much higher success rate than many other combinations.

There is someone for everyone in this world and in the Philippines, there may just be more than one beautiful, loving loyal and devoted Filipina waiting to meet you! Increase your chances of winning the Filipina of your dreams, knowledge truly is Power!

You have seen the couples walking by and wondered how a guy like that could find such a beautiful young lady.

Imagine how good it will be to have someone waiting for you when you arrive home after work. Someone who greets you at the door with a warm smile and has lovingly prepared the evening meal. Your home is clean and tidy and there is nothing more for you to do than relax and enjoy the evening together.

Does this sound like something out of a 1950’s TV show? This is the everyday experience of thousands of men happily married to Filipina’s. Sadly some then take their wife for granted and wonder why she left them for another man or even just to struggle on by herself? Why? Because she isn’t a chattel, she isn’t a domestic helper. She is your wife and partner and while she was willing to do things to make you happy, you just took it all for granted… and blew it. The most common reason for this happening is that the man still thought of his wife as a ‘mail-order-bride’, someone he could pick out of a catalog and have delivered and then live the happily ever after.

If that is your idea of a Filipina bride then don’t buy my book. I don’t want your money. If you do hold that view but think maybe you need to change it, then by all means, purchase ‘Filipina 101 – How To Meet The Filipina Of Your Dreams’ and get an education on reality. Then read ‘Filipina 202 – How To Marry And Migrate Your Dream Filipina’ so you really begin to realise this is not a game, but your lives together. Next, read ‘Filipina 303 – Making The Magic Last’ and you will see how any marriage, to any nationality, is a work in progress. You have to keep working on it, keep the flames flickering.

Whether you buy any of my books or not a single one, hopefully by reading this you have started to think about how offensive the term ‘mail order bride’ really is. How insidious it is and how it can lead to a mindset that only ends in sadness for all concerned. Remember the old adage, ‘A man is judged more by his deeds than by his words’. The words you choose to use form the the thoughts you have and your thoughts dictate your actions.

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